Freight forwarding.

Streamline your logistics operations.

Stay on top of every shipment

Eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty of freight forwarding with our unparalleled visibility and control, providing you with proactive status updates throughout the entire process.

Get instant quotations

Waiting for hours for a freight quote is a thing of the past. Thanks to Hubtic's technology, get an instant quote for all your transports, whether road, sea, air, or intermodal.

Tracking 24/7

Thanks to our user-friendly and reliable tracking system, you can instantly monitor the status of your freight on the map and keep track of every detail of your supply chain process. You can instantly share location details with your customers and put an end to endless customer calls.

Analyze data on your shipments

Manage your logistics operation end-to-end, optimize your supply chain by analyzing your annual, monthly or weekly operations data.

Services tailored to your industry

Our tailored logistics solutions are designed to fit your business needs. Discover how we deliver exceptional logistics services to diverse industries.

Your next shipment is just a few clicks away

Experience the convenience of modern shipping with our platform - effortlessly book your next shipment and get competitive quotes with just a few clicks.

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A word from our customers
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"We can constantly monitor our products and track their status together with all related shipment documents."
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"We and our customers are very pleased that vehicles arrive at all locations on time and without any problems."
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"We get instant pricing by only entering zip codes on the web platform and we can track all our shipments 24/7."
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"We are very grateful for the fast and reliable service we have received so far. We wish our partnership to last long."
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"Hubtic helped us transform our logistics operations into easier, faster, and efficient supply chain."
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"Our logistics operations are now handled by Hubtic's web platform, this took a lot of pressure from us."

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Global shipping, with expertise
With over 55 countries and 100 routes in our shipping network, we have the expertise to handle freight operations worldwide. Our team provides reliable and efficient shipping services, no matter where your cargo needs to go.
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