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Ship, track and manage your freight easily

We are a digital freight forwarding company who provides cost effective B2B logistics services through our cloud-based technology. You can oversee your supply chain and logistics process easier and more efficiently with Hubtic.

Real time pricing engine

Real-time pricing engine

Get instant quotations for your road and sea freight shipments in more than 40 countries across 4 continents.

Road or sea tracking service

Tracking 24/7

Make sure you have a full overview of your every transport. HubticTrack© allows you to monitor your shipments, streamlining your flow of goods.

Cloud service for document management

Document management

Reach every document regarding your shipment through our web platform, such as arrival & loading advice, proof of delivery etc.

End-to-end digital logistics services

Our shipper app helps you to book, track, oversee and optimize your day-to-day logistics operations.

Document management
  • Booking
    See the price in real time;
    book shipments instantly
  • Tracking
    Track location of your shipments in real time and be notified on status updates
  • Document management
    Every document regarding your shipment is in one place and reachable from everywhere
  • Reporting
    Oversee your logistics operations, analyze and optimize every step

Numbers matter

With our cutting-edge technology, we create value for our customers by offering them the best prices combined with live-tracking and document tracking services. Our global network of service providers and contracted business partners is expanding every day.

Over 50 countries

Thanks to our wide range of contracted business partners, we deliver to more than 50 countries spanning 4 continents. Our carrier network is growing every day with only the best players in the sector.

Over 4,000 trucks

Most logistics companies work with several subcontractors, thus increasing your costs. We make sure to leave out intermediaries, reduce your costs, increase efficiency.

Over 10,000 shipments

With our trusted business partners across Europe and Asia, modes of transportation and number of total routes we specialized in increase every day.
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Meet our customers

We build long-lasting partnerships with our customers by carrying out high-quality services for them.

The number of companies who trust our expertise in logistics is growing day by day.

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We are here to make your supply chain more efficient so that you save time and money on your logistics operations. You can talk to an expert for more details.

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Hubtic is a digital forwarding company helping you to deliver your goods easier, faster and smarter. We are here to make your supply chain less complicated and more effective so that you save time and money on your logistics operations and you can invest more in your company.

With Hubtic you can book your road freight or sea freight transports online within a few seconds. This saves you valuable time and resources. If you use Hubtic instead of a traditional freight forwarding company, you do not have to communicate with other intermediaries.

Thanks to our wide network consisting of more than 40 countries spanning across 4 continents, we can get your load wherever you need, whenever you need. Our road freight network currently operates in more than 20 countries whereas our sea freight network connects shipments between America, Europe, Middle East, Far East Asia, and North Africa.

With our contracted world wide carrier web, we are offering high quality and trackable road freight (FTL and LTL), sea freight and ocean freight (FCL and LCL) services together with intermodal freight transportation.

Only the relevant data and documents related to the shipment request are passed on to those involved in the process (the carriers), nothing else. You can check our privacy policy for more details.

First of all, we only approach to and partner with the experts in the sector for certain routes. Each of our carriers is thoroughly checked before a partnership gets formed. During this process, the existence of a liability insurance, the possession of a valid EU license, the number of damages and the carrier’s credit rating get examined. In addition, we continuously monitor the quality of past deliveries, based on the factors like punctuality, customer satisfaction ratings and many more.

We are a digital forwarding company, helping you to deliver your goods