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Grow your business by transforming your supply chain. Ship from any location, track everything, take control of your logistics.

Ship, track and manage in just a few clicks

We are a digital forwarding company who provides B2B service through our cloud based freight forwarding technology.
Our technology allows our customers and suppliers to manage their supply chain easier and more efficiently.

Real-time pricing engine

You can get instant quotations for your full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) logistics operations in more than 20 countries.

Tracking 24/7

HubticTrack© allows you to track your shipments whether you ship fully or partially; make sure you have a full overview of your every transportation.

Document management

Every document regarding your shipment can be instantly reached through our web platform, such as arrival & loading advice, proof of delivery etc.

Numbers matter

As a forwarding company with a technology foundation, we make sure our customers's shipments deliver faster and more effectively to its final destination. Our carrier network across Europe & Asia is growing every day.

20+ countries

Thanks to our wide range of carriers; we deliver to more than 20 countries across Europe and Asia. Our carrier network is growing every day with only the best players in the sector & specialized routes.

4,000+ trucks

Most logistics companies work with several subcontracters, thus increase your costs. We make sure to leave out intermediaries, reduce your costs, increase efficiency.

10,000+ shipments

With our trusted business partners across Europe and Asia, our types of specialized transportation and number of routes increase every day.

Meet our customers

As a digital forwarding company, we have a wide variety of customers from different sectors.
Number of companies who are using our logistics expertise is growing everyday.

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Frequently asked questions

In your Hubtic Shipper account, you can enter zip codes of departures and arrival locations, pick your transportation type (FTL or LTL), see the price immediately and book your shipment based on your preferred dates. Everything can be done by just a few clicks through our cloud based platform.

HubticTrack© allows you to track location of your shipments from any where anytime. You also can receive status updates regarding your every shipment whether it is picked up, on the way, reached to final destination, unloaded etc.


You can also be transparent and give access to your customer about shipment location so that they can track the load if they want to; get prepaid in advance. You can reduce e-mail and phone traffic by at least 40%.

Yes, you and your service provider (the carrier) can easily manage and track all the related documents through Hubtic. Documents such as proof of delivery, invoice, proof of payment, customs clearance, packing list etc. can be uploaded and managed via the application. This way, every document can be stored next to its related shipment and reached from any where anytime.