About us

Hubtic GmbH was founded in Germany and today operates in more than 40 countries across 4 continents with its headquarters in Düsseldorf and a back office in İstanbul, Turkey.

Our motivation

Providing the industry with the easiest possible way for international freight shipments.

Our mission

Digitalizing logistics industry through implementation of our smart technologies.

Our vision

Becoming a one-stop shop for all road & sea freight logistics needs of our customers.

Combining digital transportation with its cutting-edge technology, Hubtic provides B2B services to its customers. Our main aim is to make logistics industry to be faster, smarter, and more efficient for all shareholders.


We use a cloud-based system that enables both our customers and carriers to stream, manage, and optimize their operational processes online. As in every industry, the future of logistics is all about digitalization and automation. Empowered by our expert team and modern approach to business, our aim is to carry the logistics industry one step forward.


At Hubtic, we value transparency and innovation in professional life, and our Hubtic community above all. Our people always get a say about the things in which they are involved. They are accepted for who they are, and they feel valued here. We offer them a safe space and a shared vision because we know that it’s our people who write the future for themselves, and for us.

Strategic Partnership

Kloepfel Consulting was founded in 2007 and today, with more than 700 clients, it is one of the largest companies providing cost optimization services to medium-sized companies in German speaking countries.

Logo of Kloepfel Consulting


We work in collaboration with prestigious organizations in order to provide better quality services to our customers. Through these memberships, we aim to improve industry standards as a whole.

We are a digital forwarding company, helping you to deliver your goods