Next-gen logistics
For imports and exports

No matter the mode - be it by air, road, or sea - ensure the seamless transportation of your goods leveraging our exceptional logistics services.

End-to-end digital logistics services
Our shipper app helps you to book, track, and optimize your logistics operations.
      See the price in real-time, book shipments instantly

      Track the location of your shipments and be notified of status updates
      Oversee your logistics operations, analyze and optimize every step

Excellence in road freight

We redefine road freight services, ensuring the security and promptness of your shipments with our fleet of 4.000 trucks and operation professionals.

Navigating global waters

At Hubtic, we are dedicated to providing top-notch sea freight services that provide your shipments' security, efficiency, and affordability.

Speed up with air freight

Accelerate your shipments with Hubtic's high-speed air freight services. We take pride in delivering services that set new standards for speed and security.

Go green, go intermodal

Make a conscious choice for the environment by selecting Hubtic's intermodal services. We prioritize sustainability, lower carbon emissions, and eco-friendly practices while meeting your logistics needs.

Express delivery all over Europe

Accelerate your delivery processes with our speedy services. Hubtic delivers your low-volume products anywhere in Europe in the fastest way possible with its strong logistics network and cost-effective solutions.

Experience the logistics of tomorrow

Experience the future of logistics with Hubtic - our digital services offer a seamless and cost-effective way to manage your supply chain processes, at every step.

Instant pricing

Instant pricing

Our real-time pricing engine allows you to get instant quotations for your road and sea freight shipments.
Shipment tracking

Shipment tracking

With our 24/7 tracking service, you can have complete control and visibility of your shipment from loading to delivery.
Cloud documents

Cloud documents

Our document management system provides access to all your documents, ensuring a streamlined experience.
Your time and money is valuable, start saving with us.

We are here to make your supply chain more efficient so that you save time and money on your logistics operations. You can talk to an expert for more details.


With Hubtic you can book your road, sea, or air freight transports online within a few seconds. This saves you valuable time and resources. If you use Hubtic instead of a traditional freight forwarding company, you do not have to communicate with other intermediaries.