25 Aug 2023

Fast and Cost-Effective: The Advantages of Speedy Van

For urgent freight shipments between Turkey and Europe, speedy van is more economical compared to the high cost of air transportation.

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Speedy van services, compared to the high air transportation costs, offer an affordable solution for firms with urgent shipment requirements between Türkiye and Europe.

Speedy van services have become an attractive alternative for companies in light of the high transportation cost for fast shipments of imports and exports between Türkiye and Europe. So, why do companies prefer speedy van services?


Speedy van services are a frequently chosen road transport method for rapidly transporting low-tonnage products and urgent shipments. The capacity can vary depending on the cubic meter of the vehicle. Small and enclosed vehicles weighing between 1,150 and 1,300 kilograms are typically used. Additionally, speedy van services can be provided using Lorry trucks with a capacity of 3,200 kilograms.


Speedy van services offer a quick solution to delays in production, allowing companies to maintain uninterrupted production and transportation processes. The absence of cargo transfers in loads transported by air makes speedy van services more appealing. While air transportation has a minimum transit time of 3 days, speedy van services can reduce this to as little as 42 hours. This makes speedy van services a more economical and efficient alternative, especially for fast transportation needs, compared to air transportation.


Advantages of Speedy Van Services

Speedy van services have many advantages. The most important ones include:

  • Delivery within 24-72 hours for urgent loads
  • Quick access to all parts of Europe
  • Affordable pricing
  • Ideal for low-tonnage loads.


Fast and Flexible Delivery

One of the most significant advantages of speedy van services is that loads reach their intended unloading point quickly. Speedy vans can move much faster than heavy-duty vehicles, especially for transporting limited or lightweight loads. This is critical in urgent shipments or situations where time is of the essence. Particularly for the textile and automotive sectors, and in case of production delays, it offers an ideal solution for shipments heading to Europe.


For air transportation, the time taken for loads to be picked up from the warehouse, delivered to cargo, and then taken from cargo to the recipient, is at least 3 days. However, with speedy van services, delivery to Europe can be accomplished in 48 hours. For European and Balkan countries, the transit time is only 24-48 hours, while for shipments to the UK and Northern Europe, this time is 72 hours. Additionally, there are no weekends or holidays restrictions, so it offers transportation flexibility.


In road transportation carried out by trucks, challenges such as lengthy customs procedures, following a specific route, or other bureaucratic hurdles are minimized with speedy van services. Speedy vans can pass through regular vehicle lanes at border crossings without waiting in the queues meant for trucks. This situation, especially for urgent shipments, ensures the cargo reaches the right place at the right time.

Cost Advantage

The Speedy Van, especially for short and medium-distance transportation, stands out for its speed and cost advantage compared to other road transportation methods. Compared to air transportation, the speedy van provides a faster and more cost-effective alternative.


The pricing of this service is determined based on the type of cargo to be transported, the distance it will travel, and the carrying capacity of the van. Especially when compared to air transportation, the door-to-door delivery-based costs offered by the speedy van are highly advantageous. Moreover, calculating loads based on weight, pallet, or cubic meter makes the process more efficient, and offers businesses cost flexibility.

Additionally, the operational costs of speedy van services, influenced by factors like fuel consumption, are more economical compared to larger transportation vehicles like trucks and trailers. This offers a significant cost advantage in transportation. The optimized carrying capacities of speedy vans prevent unnecessary space or capacity wastage, making it an extremely cost-effective method, especially for transporting specific quantities of products.

Ideal for Low-Tonnage Shipments

Speedy van services are especially suitable for low-tonnage loads up to 1,300 kilograms. This mode of transportation allows for the swift, effective, and safe transport of a small amount of material.

Typically, speedy van services are preferred for transporting lighter and medium-sized loads. The dimensions and capacities of vans can vary depending on the type of vehicle. Most of these vehicles are 3.7-4.5 meters in length, 1.74 meters in width, and 1.80 meters in height, with a carrying capacity reaching up to 1,300 kilograms. 

With Lorry trucks, express transport can be made with a capacity of up to 3,200 kilograms. These vehicles are 4 meters long, 2 meters in width, and 220 cm in height. If the tonnage of the load exceeds 3,200 kilograms, using a tachograph is mandatory. Speedy vans of various sizes allow for the easy transport of loads with different weights.

Additionally, unlike large trucks, Speedy Vans eliminates the requirement for companies to fill the minimum load needed for big transportation vehicles. This provides a unique flexibility for short-term planning and urgent shipment needs.


Direct Delivery

Speedy services eliminate the need to transfer goods from one vehicle to another. This means that cargoes are delivered faster and directly to the unloading point. The absence of transfers saves time at every stage of the transportation process and reduces the risk of damages or losses to the cargo. At the same time, this method also avoids extra costs. Especiawhenhere fast and reliable delivery is crucial, the direct delivery feature of speedy van services offers significant convenience to companies and their clients.


Broad Vehicle Portfolio

One of the main advantages of having a broad vehicle portfolio is the flexibility to provide services based on different cargo capacities and specifications. This flexibility allows for accessibility to almost every corner of Europe.

Furthermore, this extensive portfolio enables simultaneous shipments to different regions simultaneously. This is particularly advantageous when shipments must be made to multiple destinations concurrently.


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İrem Akbaş25 Aug 2023
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