Our services

Whether you work with full-trucks or partial loads, we offer you flexible and cost-effective end-to-end logistics services, from planning to booking, from loading to monitoring.

FTL transportation

Whether you need regular shipments or spot offers, we are here with our large network of carriers in order to guarantee you the best price.

LTL transportation

Thanks to our wide range of customer and supplier portfolio, we can get the best offer for your every kind of LTL shipment, increase cost efficiency.

Fixed routes

You can get fixed quotations from us for your regular shipments. This way, you do not get affected from fluctuated prices in the market.

Customs clearing

We can follow up and finalize all necessary permits and documents for foreign trade operations including customs clearance.

Track everything effortlessly

We provide excellent logistics operations by being efficient, transparent and realiable at the same time.


  • Real-time offers
  • One-stop shop
  • Logistics process optimization
  • No intermediaries, lower costs
  • Transparency

  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Status updates
  • Document management
  • Digital communication
  • Reliability

  • Punctual transports
  • Low price guarantee
  • Remarkable customer service
  • Excellent planning & implementation
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    More than a brilliant technology

    A dedicated operation manager will take care of your needs and find out the best and most efficient way for your goods to be transferred.

    Frequently asked questions

    In your Hubtic Shipper account, you can enter zip codes of departures and arrival locations, pick your transportation type (FTL or LTL), see the price immediately and book your shipment based on your preferred dates. Everything can be done by just a few clicks through our cloud based platform.

    HubticTrack© allows you to track location of your shipments from any where anytime. You also can receive status updates regarding your every shipment whether it is picked up, on the way, reached to final destination, unloaded etc.


    You can also be transparent and give access to your customer about shipment location so that they can track the load if they want to; get prepaid in advance. You can reduce e-mail and phone traffic by at least 40%.

    Yes, you and your service provider (the carrier) can easily manage and track all the related documents through Hubtic. Documents such as proof of delivery, invoice, proof of payment, customs clearance, packing list etc. can be uploaded and managed via the application. This way, every document can be stored next to its related shipment and reached from any where anytime.